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Midlife for many is a time of transition, a time of questioning and a time of change, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. It’s when you one day wake up to the realisation that you’ve reached middle age and that you’ve only got a finite amount of time left ahead of you. Maybe you catch sight of yourself in the mirror and wondered for a moment who is that staring back at you.

For many this midpoint in life brings a great deal of frustration and worry. It’s a period where you first begin to notice your body slowing down, unwanted physical and emotional changes begin to creep in. Combine these with a general lack of get-up-and-go, and any many times of moody or irritable behaviour while trying to cope with this new reality. This is often referred to as a mid-life crisis. Yet let me assure you it truly can be the best time of your life. I should know, I'm there!

Are You Going Through A Mid-Life Crisis?

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar:

  • Feeling discontent with your lifestyle
  • Doubting decisions you have made about your life
  • Feeling bored with things and relationships
  • Feeling adventurous
  • Questioning the meaning and value of your existence
  • Confused about who you are, or where your life is going

These are an indication that indeed you’re in a midlife crisis.

Perhaps you find yourself constantly asking these type of questions of yourself:

  • What now
  • Who am I now
  • What am I going to do for the rest of my life
  • What can “retirement” or “reinvention” be for me
  • How can I leverage my skills to give back something deeper to my world
  • What legacy do I want to leave
  • What deeper story, that is my life, is emerging now

For many of you there are two big issues.

The realization that you haven’t accomplished as much as you would have liked through your life
The realization that you probably have fewer years ahead of you than you have behind you.

At times you may find yourself asking the question “is this all there is to life?” or find your mind keep turning over thinking about things you’ve always wanted to do.

Why 1-2-1 Professional Life Coaching?

Whenever anyone asks themselves that question they are indeed ready for transformation. Consider these things as well:

  • You're Stuck In A Rut?

    Most of us will feel, at one point or another, that life has turned into a daily grind where one day just seems the same as any other. At these moments, it’s important to recognize that human beings are hard wired to see familiar as the default setting. To break this cycle, you’ve got to change how you’re thinking about change.

  • You Struggle to envision the future?

    You struggle envisioning the future because there are things holding you back like guilt, fear, perfectionism & self-doubt.

  • You're Looking to Progress In Your Career?

    Just like you can feel stuck in life, you can also feel your career has come to a standstill but you don't know how to progress. Life Coaching can give you the tools and skills needed to work better with others and give you more self confidence. More importantly, Life Coaching will prepare you for any career you see yourself doing in the future.

  • You're Driving Around In Circles?

    Even if you know you have to change, if you try to go it alone, you will soon realise it takes a lot longer to find your answers. Working with a Life Coach will help speed up your reinvention journey!

Get Started Right Now

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What Will Life Coaching Do For You?

Why would you want life coaching with Larry Lewis? Working with a life coach can give you the confidence and ability to move forward by helping you decide what you really want out of all the areas of your life and to identify the barriers that are holding you back. Take a look at the steps below. The most successful people in life are at step 3. They have overcome their obstacles and achieved all their goals. That's only a handful of people. Unfortunately most of us don't get past step 1 and if you find yourself stuck at this point then Life Coaching is definitely for you!

  • "The Now" - The Safe Choice

    We’re all on our own little journey called life. I hate to say most people settle for what’s comfortable in life. Typically we work 9-5 and try to make ends meet while trying to raise a family or we’re just going through the motions of the daily grind. This is seen as the safe path to take in life and the correct one, heaven forbid anyone should questions this safe lifestyle or try to better themselves. We think one day our time will come yet we wait for an opportunity to fall into our lap instead of doing something about it.

  • Changing Course - "The Fear Factor"

    When we think of change we’re met with fear, questions and a whole other host of emotions and obstacles. We automatically put these mental road blocks in front of us to discourage ourselves from ever trying to change. We can’t help this natural reaction as it’s built into our DNA. When we think of taking a new direction our safe path now looks like a scene taken from Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider! We now have to travel a dark, murky path with many frightening turns before we reach the treasure awaiting us at the end. Most of us turn back…

  • "Taking Action" - With A Helping Hand

    A Life Coach can help you take that scary path. Don’t get me wrong the journey will still be the same. It isn’t going to be easy! You’ll ask yourself difficult questions and you will have obstacles to overcome before you reach your end destination. The difference is, you will have someone by your side, helping you along the way to catch you when you fall. A Life Coach will be able to equip you with everything you’ll need for your life changing journey and ultimately will be able to help you get everything you ever wanted out of life!

Why Larry Lewis?

Larry Lewis

I like everyone else have my own story to tell. To cut a long story short I was a very successful business man working as a consultant for the Gym Industry. I owned a few successful gyms of my own and would travel the world and advise corporate gym companies on a wide variety of topics, all to do with running a gym of course. Everything was going great but I will never forget the year 2008!

Through no fault of my own, suddenly I was surrounded with chaos. I was made bankrupt and lost everything I had worked hard all my life for. Before I could do anything about it I lost my Gyms, my home and my car were being repossessed, and I was on a downward spiral. Not long after I separated from my wife and I hit rock bottom.

As they say, "the only way is up," and I went back to my childhood days where I loved this thing called personal development. It's was then I decided to be a professional Life Coach and thankfully I have managed to coach myself back to success. I have travelled a road many will find themselves upon and this makes me an ideal Life Coach to get your life back on track.

I offer a free 30 minute coaching session and during this time you will be able to see if I'm the right coach for you.

How to Get Started with 1-2-1 Life Coaching

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Results Guaranteed Coaching - One time payment

£1,995 Total

I don't charge by the hour or for bulk coaching sessions. My fee is £1,995.00 for results guaranteed. On average this takes around 12 one hour sessions but if it takes more, no problem, I won't cut you off once your time is up!

What Is Results Guaranteed?

If you have a problem and you need a coach to guarantee results then I will coach you until you achieve the desired results.

If you're not sure what your guaranteed result is, I offer a free 30 minute call where we can determine your current situation and what you want to achieve out of coaching, in other words, the results you're looking for from being coached.

About Larry Lewis

You will find I am passionate about healthy lifestyle living and personal development. Throughout the course of my life, I have collected a large resource of healthy lifestyle and personal development knowledge and continue to do so. It is my passion to share this with you.

In the last few years the field of personal and professional coaching has exploded. It is now widely recognized that coaching can enable people to dramatically improve their work performance and life satisfaction in much less time than they might ever have been able to on their own.

Your In Safe Hands With Larry

Unlike most online ‘life coaching gurus’ I am a fully qualified life coach. I am a qualified NLP practitioner and have thousands of coaching hours of life coaching experience which entitles me to give you my full support.

NLP Certificate
NLP Certificate
NLP Certificate
NLP Certificate

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